MLS game #29: DCU 2 - Revolution 1


Two second half goals from Francis Doe leads to a come-from-behind win for the Black-and-Red.  D.C., now with 37 points, leapfrogs New York (36 points) and Kansas City (36) in the Eastern Conference standings and also moves ahead of Salt Lake (36), Dallas (35) and Colorado (34) in the West.  All of those teams obviously have a game to make up and will play this weekend, but as of now United is in playoff position.  

More in a bit from a happy RFK Stadium.

UPDATE (11:14 p.m.): Post game quotes for ya'll...

On the game
We’ve been through some tough stretches this season. We’ve learned a lot about different guys and understanding what some of the young guys have brought to the table and getting them experience and I think it’s helped us through some really difficult times and yet it’s matured them in different ways. And now a guy like Francis [Doe] steps up and is the hero in the day. Like I said, there were a lot of good lessons learned by our older guys from our younger guys this year. Going out and competing in environments that are really tough and it has carried over. Our mentality is a lot better, a lot healthier. [We have] the confidence to pull through and get a result at home, even when you’re down. I’ve never felt this way and I think some of the better soccer players changed the flow of the game and we dominated a lot. Unfortunately not enough to get goals early, which would have opened it up, but we’re creating chances again and it’s different guys doing it.
On Francis Doe
With Francis it’s very easy – he’s working very hard. When you have conversations with forwards, when they do that kind of work and they do all the little things, the goals come along with it. He scored three goals now in three games, but it’s because he’s working so hard.  He’s making it difficult, he’s putting pressure on defenders, he’s competing. As long as he continues to do that, he’s a hard guy to play against.
On Luciano Emilio’s performance
It’s encouraging because he’s had a tough stretch too. He’s very frustrated [because of] some of his physical limitations this year. He’s had a lot of nagging injuries and situations you can’t control. It’s frustrated him but I know he’s hungry; he’s working hard and today was a real positive step for him.
On the teams playing on Saturday
Of course you’re going to watch the games. We can control only what we do. We’ll watch it and obviously you’ll know which teams we’re rooting for but in the end we just have to continue to do what we do. We still have one more game and we can’t think that this is enough. We need to carry on and make sure we get a result in Columbus. Hopefully we get some help along the way.
On D.C. United’s comeback
I think sometimes we need a slap in the face to wake up, to react and we did with New England’s goal. I thought the team did great responding well to get the win [because] that’s what we needed.
On Francis Doe
He has so much potential. He needs to work a little on his confidence and [having] so many minutes in [the CONCACAF Champions League], he’s proved he belongs on the team. [He] still has a lot of work to go, a lot of things to learn but he knows that. He has a lot of talent but he needs to keep working to keep improving.
On D.C. United’s response to New England’s goal
[It’s] great. You can’t ask for anything else. Eleven guys playing for each other and working hard, even when things are tough, down a goal, [with both the] individual performances [and] eleven guys doing their job, it’s really good for the team, it’s good for Tom [Soehn] and everybody. Win, lose or draw, we’re still fighting for each other.
Thoughts going into next week’s game against Columbus
I was thinking today that all year we’ve worked hard coming here everyday and then coming through the 90 minutes today [with a win] and going into next week, it’s all we can ask for.
On the team’s mindset after New England’s goal
It always felt like we were going to win the game. I don’t know, tonight nobody’s head went down, everybody kept pushing through. When Jaime [Moreno] came on I was very excited because for me he’s the best player here and when he came on I knew the game was going to change.
On Francis Doe
Phenomenal. That’s what this team is about, inspiring performances. [Francis] stepped up and he had ten other guys backing him to, it’s exciting for him.
Thoughts on playing different positions all season
I’m fine with it. I’m willing to do it especially if we are getting results like tonight. [The win] was huge, some guys came out big tonight.
Thoughts on the game
Today was a very tough game. We have been working hard [during] training sessions and all the guys have been putting in effort these past days. We had a feeling something good was going to happen today. [Tonight] was a team effort. I want to say thank you to the guys, to the coaching staff that they were patient over the past couple of weeks.
On New England’s goal
[I was worried] just for a little bit because I knew [New England] was going to come very hard. We were together through training sessions and the road trip. I knew we were going to win this game because we have been working very hard.
On  his second goal
[New England’s defenders] are experienced players so I had to use my speed and strength to get that goal.
On the game
We felt we did okay, we just had to get the final shot and we would have been okay.  We nearly were two up [in the second half and then we go up the other end and its 1-1 – a bad defensive play and the second one the same.  So, from where I’m standing we contributed to our own downfall.
On the first part of the second half
We were comfortable.  Second half we were comfortable and then we let it slip.  You know, you come to D.C. and you know there’s going to be calls, but all your asking for is tit for tat.  The referee is going to call one thing and then give it the other way on the other side.   You expect some calls to go against you.  We’re lucky to be in a position where  we’re in the playoffs and we’re lucky we get a chance to look past the mistakes we made. 
On the team’s recent play
Obviously, we’ve struggled of late and it’s getting frustrating, so we’ve got one more game to get some confidence back and then the playoffs and we need it.  We know once the playoffs start it’s a whole new season – everything goes away or whatever.  It’s all about getting results in the playoffs, but at the same time we want to get that confidence going and right now we don’t have it – so hopefully we can get it back next week.
On United’s second goal
I just need to be in a better position early. He had a hold of my shirt, but that’s part of the game, the ref’s never going to call that.  I just need to be stronger and get on the other side of him so he doesn’t have the opportunity.
On the team’s defense
I can’t even remember the last time we had a shutout – maybe Chivas at home was the last one.  It’s been way too long and a couple games we’ve been close, but given one up on corner kicks.  But, not tonight – it was two silly plays.  I guess in hindsight, the goal is preventable it’s frustrating because we have the lead playing away from home and we should have been able to clamp down and walk away with a victory.