MLS game #27: DCU 0 - Houston Dynamo 0

Well, the team didn't get three points, but given the circumstances - playing one of the best teams in the League at home, a questionable second yellow card for Bryan Namoff and no Fred, Moreno, Gallardo or Emilio - the team was pretty happy to get a point out of tonight's game. 

We take off first thing in the morning for the return trip to D.C.  The turnaround is once again a short one with the New England Revolution visiting RFK Stadium on Thursday.  

Here are a few post-game quotes from the locker room:

D.C. United Head Coach Tom Soehn
On the second yellow card given to Namoff:
It’s that time of the season when games are going to get hard and guys are competing hard. You don’t want plays like that to determine outcomes. I just felt like it was soft in relation to how many of those there were during the game.
On his team’s defense:
They defended with passion tonight. We talked about what we needed to do now to get results, especially with the last four on the road. We’re really coming out and giving ourselves a spark as far as how we’re dedicated to coming out and getting behind the ball, making it hard for teams to score on us.
On the draw:
It’s a good turning point for us. We’ve gotten two results on the road, and now we go back home.
On getting a result against Dynamo:
Give credit to Houston, they’re a good team. To get a result here, you know you have to defend hard. We were passionate about the way we defended, and knowing what it takes to get a result, so it was a real positive step for us, and our guys are really fighting for each other right now.
D.C. United goalkeeper Louis Crayton
On his team’s performance:
We had a very good game tonight. I’m very proud of how we played. We didn’t get three points, but we played a good game.
On his performance:
I am very grateful to God for having played a good game tonight, especially after what happened last week against Chivas. I think it was a redemption game for me tonight.
On the physical play in the second half:
When it started being physical, we retaliated. Not in a negative way, but we had to be strong because playing here is difficult. I’m very impressed with the way my team played here today, especially playing with one man down, we still played very well, and that is good.
On the result:
We came here for more than a tie, we cam to win here. Just like in past results, we didn’t come here thinking we were going to lose this game. We came here prepared physically and mentally to win. But we still got a good result.
D.C. United defender Bryan Namoff
On his second yellow card:
I jumped up before [Dynamo defender Brad Davis], and I was in the air and he kind of bent down. As he bent down, my momentum went with it, and then I saw the ball, the ball went over us, and as I was coming down, I put my arms up to brace myself, and I think that’s when I made contact with his head. It was a completely accidental knock. Not allowing a 50/50 challenge at that point in the game with a 0-0 tie is a complete error. I don’t think he even knew that I was already on a yellow card, which I don’t even understand why I got it in the first place, that first one. Say what you want, but I really don’t understand why the referees need to try to dictate the games when they are so close instead of letting these types of challenges go. It was a good challenge, and if there’s contact, fine. Call the foul and let the game resume.
On what the referee said to him about the call:
He said I made contact with my elbow to [Davis’s] head. If I did, it was completely accidental. You could probably look at it by the tape. It’s just one of those referees not managing the game, I guess. You get a game that’s been playing so well throughout the course of the first half and into the second half, then when that happens, it ruins the game for both teams.