MLS game #26: DCU 0 - FC Dallas 3

The team is now winless in its last six games (0-5-1 in all competitions).  Luciano Emilio went off in the second half with an apparent hamstring strain.  Jaime Moreno got red carded late in the game.  And the team's current standing leaves it out the post-season.  I wish there were positive things to report, but I'm not sure there are. 

There are four regular season games left - to go along with four in CONCACAF Champions League - and the guys are going to have to make the most of them if they want to salvage the season. 

UPDATE:  Here are a few (literally) post-game quotes out of Dallas...  

D.C. United head coach Tom Soehn
on the game:
I was disappointed in our effort in the first half. Obviously, everybody knows the importance of this game. We talked all week and said the right things but that doesn’t mean much when you don’t execute. We came out flat. I don’t think anybody worked. I adjusted things at halftime and it was better but you can’t afford to waste a half. On hot days like this, the first goal usually dictates who wins the game.
D.C. United midfielder Clyde Simms
on the game:
It’s frustrating. I think it was a good opportunity to come in here and get a good result today. Unfortunately, our first half was pretty bad, effort wise. The second half was much better. I felt like we put some good pressure on them. But still, we’re missing that final pass. It’s definitely a frustrating day.
FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman
on the game:
We played so well in Chicago and challenged the boys to produce back here at home for the fans. It was a great result because of the heat and a great result because we were going up against a great strike force. I thought in the first half we played very well. They sure did come at us for a while, which I think shows the strength of our defense. I thought Dario had an exceptional game today. So, again, you know it’s a great victory for FC Dallas and I thought it was another great team performance.
FC Dallas defender Drew Moor
on the game:
It’s a great result for us, to get three points. What I think we is the most positive thing we can take away from this game is how we finished the game. We didn’t just give up early and let them come back in it. We played consistently well for 90 minutes.