DCU @ Marathon: Starting lineups

The bad news is that Santino Quaranta will not be dressing tonight.  The 23-year old suffered some pretty deep bruises on his ankle and shin Saturday night in LA and will be held out this evening.  Bummer. 

The good news is that the guys are all feeling pretty positive and will be coming out in a slightly more defensive-oriented posture tonight, running at type of 4-4-1-1.  Here are your starters:

Louis Cratyon; Craig Thompson, Bryan Namoff, Marc Burch, Gonzalo Martinez; Fred, Clyde Simms, Ivan Guerrero, Boyzzz Khumalo; Rod Dyachenko, Luciano Emilio. 

And here's what the formation will look like:

Tune in to Fox Soccer Channel to watch the game live tonight at 10 p.m. ET.  I'll be back post-game with reactions and a few photos.