Do you want to work for D.C. United?


This might be your chance.  

We are in the process of building a Digital Media Department to bring all D.C. United web properties in-house - the primary focus being, of course,  It's due for a re-design and we want good people on board to help us do it (among many other projects).  

We've already hired the person who will lead the charge - Mark McClure, our new Director of Digital Media.  He's the man behind The Far Post, and was the lead on creating this very site (among a ton of other work he's done for Navigation Arts over the last several years). 

Currently, we're hiring two positions (with more to follow):

  • Senior Web Developer - We're looking for a gifted coder who is really, really good at front-end scripting web standards, especially with front-end development and unobtrusive scripting.  This person should have at least four years experience as a web developer.  This person will report to the Director of Digital Media.  More info
  • Front-end Developer - This person will report to the Senior Web Developer and should be able to create websites that appear and work well on each and every web browser out there.  Their main responsibility will be to create sick and cutting edge websites, applications and widgets.  More info

Yes, it's a cliche, but we're looking for people who are down with working in a fast-paced and demanding environment.  We believe the reward will be worth the hard work.  We want to build some of the best sports websites not only in MLS, but among all professional sports.  So, if you're an ambitious, enthusiastic and determined web developer (bonus points if you like soccer), this might be the gig for you. 

Questions about the jobs?  Drop us a line here