Stub interviews Luciano Emilio


Today, Luciano Emilio sat down for a live online chat with one of the most popular media outlets in Honduras, Diez.  What follows is the translated (thanks, Cris Cruz!) version of an article that includes excerpts from the chat (Spanish version here). 

You can also see few photos of Luciano being interviewed on the Video & Pics page

“Honduras can go to the World Cup”
The Brazilian was the League’s leading goal-scorer four times
The love Honduran fans have for Brazilian forward Luciano Emilio was again evident.
D.C. United’s star chatted on and replied to fan questions. “Chano” talked about the National League, D.C. United, his long-awaited naturalization as a Honduran citizen and many other things.
The striker was happy to be in contact with the people who chanted his name across stadiums in Honduras for a long time and told Marathon fans that he might score a goal against them tomorrow.
“I know Honduran soccer very well, I think I can score against Marathon, I’m always going to think I can score on any team, if it wasn’t like that I would retire,” he said.
A fan asked Emilio about the rumors circulating about the money for him to be able to become a naturalized Honduras, to which the player responded:
“We didn’t even talk about money, I would come as any other Honduran to contribute to the National Team,” and added that: “I feel a great joy when I see the National Team’s jersey, Honduras has a great team and a good chance to go to the World Cup.”
The idea of finishing his playing career in Honduras is already taking shape because according to the forward, Olimpia manager Osman Madrid has already made him an offer and he accepted, although he admits it’s still a long time from now.
Distance with Real España
The subject of Real España has been a sensitive one since the D.C. United player left the team to play with Olimpia, and today Luciano clears the air, saying he came here to make friends, not enemies, and that “the reaction of Real España’s fans is understandable, I don’t have anything against them.” 
Time went by and Luciano had to say goodbye. An Olimpia fan said in behalf of the supporters’ group, Ultrafiel, that they would cheer for D.C. United and not Marathon, because of how much they care about him.
“I’ll be happy to see the ‘Ultra’ again. This will grow the relationship between Luciano and you guys. This is something that will never end.” 
Emilio will be part of the D.C. United team that will face Marathon tomorrow in the second Group A matchup of the Concacaf Champions League. The game will kick off at 8 p.m. at Estadio Olímpico.

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