Hall of Tradition [video, too!]

Yesterday, we launched the newly revamped D.C. United Hall of Tradition.  Current members include legends John Harkes and Marco Etcheverry and front office staffer Betty D'Anjollel who was an instrumental part of the club's early years. 

This year, the Hall of Tradition will grow by one more, as either Jeff Agoos or Richie Williams will be enshrined.  You can vote for your choice now>

The newly formatted Hall of Tradition marks United as the first team in the League to formulate official protocol for being inducted into a club Hall of Fame.  Full protocol and eligibiilty standards are spelled out in length at, but here they are for your reading pleasure:

Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible as a former player, an individual must have met the following criteria: 
  • Retired as a player for at least two (2) years, but no more than 10 years.
  • Played at least three seasons for D.C. United and appeared in 50 or more League games.
In order to be eligible in a coach or management capacity, an individual must have made his/her mark in a non-playing capacity and had a major, sustained and positive impact on the club for an extended period of time. Candidates must be at least 50 years of age (posthumous candidates may be considered as an exception) and deemed to have contributed at the requisite level for a minimum of three years as a coach or five in a front office capacity. Due to the broad general nature of the criteria, additional nominations may be considered.
Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee consists of all club ownership (33.33%), club management (33.33%) and playing alumni (33.33%).

United Communications Department will keep a list of all former players that meet election criteria, as well as any additional nominees. The list will be presented to the Nomination Committee above prior to the start of each season. From this list, two candidates will be selected and submitted to a final fan vote (options include on-line balloting and in-store voting through a D.C. United sponsor).
Following the voting process, results will be tabulated and one individual will be selected for inclusion in the Hall of Tradition each season. The Nomination Committee retains the right to vote non-playing personnel directly into the Hall of Tradition.

John Harkes, 2003

Marco Etcheverry, 2007 

Betty D'Anjolell, 2008
Current Nominees

Jeff Agoos (eligible 2008-2015)

Geoff Aunger (eligible 2004-2011)

Raul Diaz Arce (eligible 2004-2011)

Mario Gori (eligible 2003-2010)

Brian Kamler (eligible 2008-2015)

Roy Lassiter (eligible 2005-2012)

John Maessner (eligible 2004-2011)

Tom Presthus (eligible 2006-2013)

Mark Simpson (eligible 2004-2011)

Richie Williams (eligible 2006-2013)
Future Potential Nominees

Freddy Adu

Bobby Boswell

Brian Carroll

Bobby Convey

Alecko Eskandarian

Christian Gomez

Josh Gros (eligible 2009-2017)

Dema Kovalenko

Carlos Llamosa

Jaime Moreno

Bryan Namoff

Ryan Nelsen

Ben Olsen

Troy Perkins

Mike Petke

Eddie Pope (eligible 2009-2017)

Brandon Prideaux

Santino Quaranta

Nick Rimando

Tony Sanneh

Clyde Simms

Carey Talley
Additional Potential Nominees

Bruce Arena

Scott Garlick 
So, you're the judge now - Richie or Jeff?  Next year, which players would you like to see nominated?  Who should definitely be in?