Open Cup post-game quotes


Plenty more to come, but here are your post-game quotes...

On the win
We didn’t play up to our standards in the first half. It gets me frustrated again that we didn’t go a better job of recognizing how to possess better and get our shape a little bit better.  But first off I want to congratulate [the Charleston Battery]. I think they did a great job. They’re a solid team from back to front. They did a good job of keeping themselves in the game and they put a lot pressure on us at the end. So hats off to them; it was a great run for them.
On whether there was a letdown after the first goal
Not necessarily. I think shape-wise we didn’t adjust to what they were doing. Our outside back needed to get involved and put themselves in spots to stop the counterattack and we basically defended four against two. We adjusted at halftime and in the second half it was better as far as structure.
On the game plan
You look at the way the game is. There are some guys, a lot of guys, still carrying injuries so you want to limit minutes. Unfortunately for Luciano [Emilio] I think he reaggravated his groin [injury]. I wasn’t intending on using a sub that early but it’s a little easier when you have four subs.
On what this means
You set goals in the beginning and obviously this is one of them. As you achieve your goals, there are some bigger fish out there that we want to get so we’re going to enjoy tonight but tomorrow it’s back to work. That’s how it should be.
On what they’re setting their sights on now
Right now the most important thing for us is winning MLS Cup. Obviously the [CONCACAF] Champions League is an important goal we set for ourselves but we’re going to be cautious to make sure that we’re set up to do both in the right way. But I’ll say this, MLS Cup is a priority for me.
On what this means to the club
Getting a chance to run around with a trophy in front of our fans, who deserve it more than anybody, is a great feeling. You remember that stuff. There are a lot of things you forget but situations and moments like that you remember. You want to taste that again. I hope they all got a great taste of it because there are other things that we still have to accomplish.
On ending a championship drought
It’s been way too long since D.C. United has raised a trophy, especially for myself since 2004 so it’s good to be back in a championship game and it’s good to be successful at the end and winning it. This is a great confidence booster to use and it’s great momentum for the latter half of the season going into the playoffs and this international tournament, the CONCACAF Champions League.
On the game
You have to give Charleston credit. They raised their level towards us and fought well. They were dangerous in certain areas in the game and they had a great chance early, which gave them a good opportunity to come back and tie us. In the end, you have to give us credit. We fought well and we kept together. We didn’t really lose our heads in the second half, at 1-1. We got a goal in the end and it’s a great booster for us to pull this one out.
On looking ahead
We have to stick together, everybody healthy and ready for the last few games because it’s going to be tough. It’s going to be tough because we have so many people injured and not fit so this is a time when we really need to get all the people back and just being a team. [We have to] be strong, and not just on the field, off the field too. We have to do that. We have such a busy schedule so we have to keep digging in, not put our heads down and keep working.
On his pass to Santino Quaranta that led to the first goal
He always makes those good runs and I saw him going. It’s just one of those games, on of those plays that sometimes work, sometimes doesn’t work. The most important thing is that you try it and it was a good feed to Luciano [Emilio].
On Charleston
I watched them this morning at the hotel they went for training, later on this afternoon they went for a walk, so I knew they were going to come on strong. I’m happy, thank God that we won. It was not an easy game for us.
On winning a title so quickly after joining the team
Like I said, I thank God. I didn’t expect a trophy so early but it’s a good start for the entire team.
On Charleston’s goal
I think I speculated a little and besides that there was a defender that was standing in front of me so my reaction was kind of late.
On looking forward to the Champions League
We’re looking forward to the next opportunity because this is a fun thing to be a part of. I think it’s a bonus to be in the tournament. First and foremost we want to win MLS Cup. The international tournaments are prestigious and great but for me the most important thing is MLS Cup right now. It’s great to be involved in this.
On the game at San Jose on Saturday
They’re honest, they’re hardworking, they’re organized. It’s a whole different team than when we played them here. We have to bounce back from this because it’s not easy to play after you win a game.
On Charleston
I knew they were a good team coming in. And I thought they did well, especially responding. We wanted to get an early goal and put pressure on them and we did, and I think they responded well. They played well.
On the game
We had a couple of substitutions to make because of the injuries but we got the win and that’s all that matters.
On gaining confidence they maybe didn’t have earlier on in the season
At the beginning of the season we struggled with our record. We were pretty down on ourselves and it showed on our confidence. But I think definitely we’ve gotten more and more [confidence] as the season has gone on and this win will help tremendously. I think it takes some pressure off us going into Champions League.