Elder Olsen to make his debut?

Everyone knows Ben Olsen.  One of the most popular players on the team since his rookie year in 1998, the tenacious midfielder has already cemented himself in United history as one of the best.  You may not, however, know his older brother Jeremy.  

Best by injuries in recent weeks, United's coaching staff has called upon the elder Olsen - who has been in D.C. for much of the summer helping Ben remodel his house - to suit up for tomorrow morning's reserve game.  The reserves will play the Wizards at the D.C. United training complex at 10 a.m. and though Jeremy may or may not see the field, he'll be there, ready to go.  

We caught up with Benny after the game to get the scoop on his big brother.  When was the last time your brother played competitive soccer?
Ben:  When I asked him that question, he asked me if co-ed counted.  Not a good sign.  What type of player is Jeremy?
Ben:  He's a typical Olsen player - scrappy.  Fiery.  He loves contact.  What position does he play?
Ben:  I'm not sure.  He's versatile.  His versatility is unmatched.  How old is he?
Ben:  No one's really sure.  What number will be wearing?
Ben:  I sure hope he's wearing #14.  Will you be in attendance to cheer him on?
Ben:  I am going early with popcorn. 
Game time is 10 a.m. and admission is free and open to the public.  The Wizards Reserves are in first place and United is just a point behind in second.  You can see a map of the training fields here