Fun at DC Improv


What a week of bonding D.C. United's front office and players have had this week.  After a incredible meal at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse on Monday night, a number of players and staff made their way to the DC Improv last night to watch hypnotist Flip Orley perform.  I only wish I possessed the descriptive writing ability needed to accurately describe how hilarious his show is.  Alas, I do not, so you'll just have to believe me - it's hilarious. 

At the beginning of the show, Flip asked for volunteers from the audience to come up and be hypnotized.  Both Domenic Mediate and Zach Wells made themselves available and went on stage, but as is sometimes the case did not fully "go under."  So, unfortunately, they weren't a part of the show.  Rachel Sweeney, a United Communications Department intern was, however, and she was hysterical.  I would never be able to fully capture what happened on stage last night, but it had everyone at the show rolling on the floor (not literally, more figuratively).  I'll admit that I've always been very (very) skeptical of hypnosis, but after last night there's no question in my mind that young Rachel was in la-la land.  Let's just say there was a point in the show where she believed her right hand was a sketch artist named Orlando who drew increasingly unkind drawings about Flip. The photo above is Flip's cat, who was angry at him (note that it is signed by 'Orlando').  She also drew Flip's pot of gold - which was empty - at the end of a rainbow, his family being struck by lightening and his car with a flat tire, among other things.  And that's just the scratching the surface. 

Flip's show is always great (I've seen him twice now), so if you're looking for something to do this weekend, go check him out at DC Improv (just not on Saturday night because you'll obviously be at RFK Staduim to watch us pound the Wizards).  This weekend's shows are his last in DC, but he usually comes by at least once a year, so keep an eye