New feature on Behind The Badge

Howdy, folks!  Happy Tuesday to you.  Just a quick note to draw your attention to a new feature on Behind The Badge.  You may have already noticed in the upper right corner of the site what we're calling the 'login widget.'  Once registered and logged-in, the widget will display your user name and personal avatar (or profile image) and allow you to easily access your account settings.  The account settings page allows you to edit your basic profile (display name, email address, password and URL), change your profile image and also now includes an extended profile.  The extended profile captures some basic demographic information, which will help us to better serve you, the fans (we won't sell or share this information with anyone - it's only for internal planning purposes). 

If you haven't done so already, try uploading a profile image.  It looks pretty cool once you do and are logged-in.  If you have feedback on the widget or experience any issues, feel free to drop me a line