SuperLiga game #3: Houston 3 - DCU 1


Let's move on, shall we?  SuperLiga is over and now the team must turn their focus back to MLS play with a quick three-day turnaround, as Houston stick around for the June 4 make-up game.  Following Tuesday's match at RFK, United will enjoy a much-needed break without a game until Saturday, August 2 (Kansas City Wizards @ RFK Stadium, 7:30 p.m. ET).

A special congratulations to Mike Zaher who made his first team debut tonight, coming on for Bryan Namoff in the 76th minte. 

We'll be back with a few post-game quotes, but I don't think any of us want to dwell on this game, nor this tournament.  I know I don't. 

UPDATE:  A few post-game quotes below and some photos added to the Video & Pics page
On the loss
We just have to get back to the league and try to start winning again. It’s tough to take three losses but we’ll learn, we’ll move on. We’re in a good place in the league right now and if we beat them on Tuesday it’s a more important game.
On the game
It’s just personal responsibility, if you got a man going to score. The last goal was an unlucky touch and very dumb but I thought we played good soccer and for most of the game I thought we played good defense. There were just a couple of breakdowns.
On bouncing back
It’s a new generation tomorrow. [We have to] make sure we get our legs back. Some people are going to be playing. We’ll give Jaime [Moreno] some rest and Luciano [Emilio] some rest. I think we’ll be good for Tuesday.
On being tired
It’s one of those middle-of-the-season lulls, so to speak. It’s just difficult. This was a tough game. Motivationally, we’re so far down and it [would be] almost a miracle to come back. Just with the heat and humidity, the number of games we’ve had this last month – it takes its toll on a player. We’ve got one more to go look for on Tuesday and then we’ll have a little bit of a break which I think will be really needed to try to come back.
On the team’s performance
You can see a lag, you can definitely see some tired legs and you get a sense we need to regroup. I think this is definitely a time when the bench is going to need to give us some added depth in the latter half of the season.
On the game
We were trying to win. From the very first minute we knew that D.C. had a difficult task. The score in the first half complicated it even more. So we just tried to get an early goal that would put us in a better position and would make it harder for them. Upon that, why leave up four substitutions when we can substitute liberally. So, we gave the guys some rest, because of the importance of Tuesday’s game against the same opponent. I am pleased we won.
On Brad Davis
Brad Davis served a great ball. So if you have timing, service and aggression, you will create danger; and the key is that Davis has very good service.
On the fatigue of his team
Some guys were exhausted, three games in a week is hard. Besides, we had to travel too. And of course, Tuesday’s game against Chivas was physically and mentally draining. So we tried some players today such as Bobby Boswell, Craig Waibel, Eddie Robinson and Ricardo Clark. We will do our best to give the guys some rest before this coming up game against D.C. United on Tuesday. 
On the line-up for Tuesday’s game
It looks easier if we consider that we can be confident about those guys in the bunch. We have a very complete team, it’s a luxury, so we can play with the substitutions. To have those guys available, Dwayne De Rosario, Brian [Ching] and Eddie [Robinson], outside the field, and ready to play, makes you a better team. 

On the game
[We’re] just happy to get the win. We wanted to come in and secure a spot in the next round. We knew getting a win would take care of that. We were upset with the Chivas game. I thought we outplayed them. To lose a home game like that with the whole crowd that was out, it’s always upsetting so coming here and getting a win is good. There were some numbers down on both sides but it didn’t matter. We took care of business.
On scoring
You want to score obviously. As a defender you don’t get many chances and when you score, it doesn’t hurt to score against a team you got traded from but for me getting the win was a lot bigger deal than anything else.
On Tuesday’s game
Tuesday is a different game. It’s a league game, it’s not the same competition. It’s a whole different level. Glad that we got the game [tonight] and moved on to the next round in this tournament but the league game on Tuesday means something different. We have to hopefully keep this run going.