O captain, my captain


O captain, my captain.

How can you watch the end of Dead Poets Society and not think of Jaime Moreno?  Perhaps that is why fans at RFK stand throughout United games week end, week out? Hmm...

United captain Jaime Moreno will be featured on Washington Post Live Thursday afternoon at 5:00 p.m.  In his exclusive interview, Russ Thaler will talk to the League's all-time goal scoring leader about his illustrious career with the Black-and-Red, the growing rivalry with the Los Angeles Galaxy and the upcoming match between MLS' two most storied clubs this Sunday.  Did I mention that you can still buy tickets?

For those Spanish speakers among us, Luciano Emilio will also be accommodating an in-studio request tomorrow.  Emilio is set to appear tomorrow on Univision's 6:00 newscast, previewing the LA match and talking about his current form with the Black-and-Red.