Photo of the Day: Haircut-Off '08


You can read all about what's going above at Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Bog, but the quick story is that today was the inaugural "Haircut-Off '08" between rookie Dan Stratford and season ticker holder Karen Hennessee (who also happens to be a professional haircutter/stylist/barber/hairdresser). Above is a photo of Strats working on Zach Wells and Karen on Dane Murphy. 

Here's the backstory and Steinberg's first post on the festivities is here, which includes details (and photos!) of James Thorpe getting a lightening bolt shaved into one side of his head and three stripes on the other. Nice. 

Yes, we shot video.  Expect something up by the end of the week. 

UPDATE: Steinberg with his third post - "United Haircut-Off Marred by Flying Hair"