Chicago arrival... finally.

Today's travel did not go smoothly.  

After a light training session this morning, the team and coaching staff made their way to the airport. Upon arrival at the gate, we learned the flight was delayed about an hour. Not too big of a deal, but no one really enjoys hanging out in an airport. After finally boarding and taxiing away from the gate, the plane stopped. And didn't move. An announcement from the pilot told us we were being held up for another 30 minutes because of the weather in Chicago. Another announcement 20 minutes later told us we had to wait an additional 40 minutes. Several announcements later and after nearly two hours sitting on the plane, we finally took off for Chicago. Boo. 

But, we've now arrived. The team will have a brief meeting this evening to watch some video and begin thinking about tomorrow's match, before heading to bed. The morning will bring a team walk and likely a lot of the guys turning into ESPN Classic to watch the first games of Euro 2008 (can you believe a hotel has ESPN Classic? Way to go  Marriott!). 

I'll be back tomorrow pre-game with any significant news and lineups. 

(also, be sure to check out the latest blog from Michael Jenkins of Comcast SportsNet. There's a lot of good United-related stuff, including a story about Mr. Jenkins being carried by two other men at Wednesday's rained out game... you really just have to read it.)