So, it's raining... [game postponed]


 ... or was. Or is. It was coming down. A lot. And the field is drenched. Big time. Supposedly, they're going to try and get this baby in, but it doesn't exactly look good. We're in the 16th minute and the field has been deemed unplayable. If the rain stops - and they say it should - they'll wait for the field to drain a bit (it's an actively draining field, whatever that means), give the players five minutes to warm up and then restart. 

It's messy. Guys were slipping and sliding everywhere. We'll see what happens. 

I'm also told if they get the first half in, the game would be official. That's another 30 minutes, though, so... 

UPDATE: The game has been postponed. We'll announce a rescheduled date tomorrow. The rescheduled game will be played in its entirety.