Reason number 714 to love Benny Olsen


Ben Olsen is a fan favorite among United supporters for an array of reasons.  He has given everything he has to this club since before he could grow facial hair (ok, that may be stretching it a bit, but you get the point).  Regardless, much has been made of Benny's recent battle to overcome ankle injuries and when he'll again contribute on the field.  What people may not be aware of is how Benny continues to give to the team despite not being able to score goals, get into a tackle or provide on-field leadership during games.

Following United's loss against Chicago, Ben was in the locker room to greet players exiting the field.  His message honest and simple:  keep your heads up, we'll get through this.  When the Black-and-Red returned to training this week, a hobbling Olsen was there, boots on and ready to go.  While he can't run and play, he still knows that he can provide some intangibles while participating in training as best he can.

Yesterday, Benny saddled up with a group of reserve players, hitting crosses and explaining how to beat defenders with a driven, bending ball that also strands goalkeepers in their tracks.  Today, he joined in training as a neutral player, knocking the ball around as he could all the while assisting and encouraging the efforts of others.

The rehab appointments continues and no, Benny is not at risk for further damage to his ailing ankle.  While he's not close to making a return to action, it may never be more obvious the lengths he will go to to help his club.  Yet another reason for United supporters to love Benny Olsen.