The VW Garage...

 ... makes its debut tonight - along with the new kits - and it is really, really cool. I just stopped by to check it out and they're putting the finishing touches on what is going to be a very popular pre-game spot. Below are a few select photos, but you can find a whole bunch on the Video & Pics page. 

A few highlights: two Xboxes with FIFA '08 ready to roll, two fooseball tables (I'll beat you), a t-shirt printer that provides several VW choices (see them here) and all kinds of old DCU gear and paraphernalia - my favorite of which might be an old Steve Guppy jersey on the wall (see below). 

Be sure to check out prior to kickoff each game. To access the V-dub garage head towards section 337 and take the stairs all the way down to field side.