DCU and Volkswagen: It's what the people want


I've always wanted to buy a Volkswagen. Seriously. I loved the Passat when it first came out. And now, I love the GTI. And as much as I've loved Volkswagens since I was of driving age, now I really, really love them. 

Today, we announced a five-year agreement with the German automakers that includes sponsorship of the front of our jerseys. Of all the possible companies that could have graced the front of our black and white kits, I think you'll agree that the round VW logo looks great. If you need more proof, I've uploaded a bunch of photos from a recent photo shoot on the Video & Pics page

Additionally, VW is a very strong international brand with a history of involvement in football as a long-time partner with VFL Wolfsburg in Germany. Our President and CEO,  Kevin Payne, really says it best:

"We wanted to be sure we found the right partner, and on the right terms. We're thrilled to have this relationship now with Volkswagen, which is  ideal from our point of view - a multi-national company with a strong brand, a cultural understanding of our game, a commitment to our community and a reputation for thinking outside the box. For us, VW is a perfect partner."

There are a ton of exciting things happening, which will be announced in the near future.. I will say this: VW doesn't mess around. We'll have lots more on this in the coming days, so stay tuned.  

In the meantime, enjoy one of VW's newest commercials featuring one Heidi Klum and Max (the talking VW beetle!)...