MLS Game #6: DCU 0 - Colorado 2


With a 2-0 loss today in Colorado, United falls to 2-4 on the young MLS season. The locker room was understandably quiet. We're currently at the airport and will fly back to D.C. this evening arriving after midnight. With a short week ahead of us - Chicago comes to town on Thursday - the team will reconvene for training Monday morning to begin preparations. 

You can read the post-game story right here

A few post-game quotes from both sides...

D.C. United Head Coach Tom Soehn
“The loss is very troubling, we have addressed a lot, especially having a better road mentality. When looking at individual performances in this game we were just bad all over the field, I can’t even think of a player that did well. We can talk about tactics and formations all you want but if you don’t show up you’re not going to do well. Moving forward we are going to be hard on everyone, not just the players but the staff as well. We gave away the ball continuously, setting up counters. We had backwards possession in this game, and that’s not going to win games. We have to have a better mentality. We need to find a combination of guys who will go out there and give it all that they have. We have a lot of work to do.”
D.C. United midfielder Santino Quaranta
“We worked really hard during the week, but it was a bad game. We had the right mentality going into the game, but I don’t know what it is, we are not clicking this year. Everything has been put into place, we keep getting let down by each other. There is no fighting, it’s a good group here we just can’t figure it out. We came into the game and they outworked us, our performance wasn’t good enough. They won the individual battles and that’s what gave them the game”
D.C. United forward Jaime Moreno
“We have to bring our best game to these kinds of matches. Sometimes the soccer isn’t going to be pretty, but we need to win the battles and the loose balls. Our performances are going up and down right now which is not good and we need to fix it.”
Colorado Rapids Head Coach Fernando Clavijo
“We brought [Christian Gomez] here with the expectations that he would be the player that we saw out there today. When he plays with two strikers he can move around the field. He will start the play and that is what he were looking for. But it is a shame to talk about him today because of the total team effort. We thought that when you look at DC United, they have good players and are the type that can get a result here in Denver. We started the players we did because we needed energy players to put pressure on them in every single position. They have a solid tradition, but we want to start our own tradition and hopefully that can start him today. I thought Omar played very unselfish today. Sometimes we didn’t expect those passes. I think Omar has done a good job and that is why he is playing.”
Colorado Rapids defender Jordan Harvey
“We have been playing well but haven’t really been getting results the last couple of games. The coach changed the line-up and it worked out. We wanted to focus on defense first and then play our game. I was really excited to finally get my chance to prove myself on this team and I worked hard to get here; and today while I was playing. Once we had that first goal our focus was to defend well, and I think we defended well as a team. I think we all did great.”
Colorado Rapids defender Facundo Erpen
“We created a lot of chances to score. Once we scored the first goal we dropped back and played like we did in the first half. When you’re on the pitch you don’t think about who was your friend, you think about who’s your opponent, you only worry about what’s going on in the game. I was really happy to score my goal, I joked with my wife earlier that maybe today I will score a goal, and it happened. We now have to look towards next week, and continue to work and get better.