What's the deal with...


Despite the rain, United is on cloud nine after Saturday night's big win.  Seems like the perfect day to debut one of our new features, "What's the deal with..."  Each week, will take time to address some of the most pressing questions on the collective minds of our fans.

Without adieu, I give you "What's the deal with...Thomas Rongen's bow tie?"  Beginning this season, Comcast SportsNet color analyst has begun wearing a red bow tie.  In a move not to be outdone by hockey's infamous Don Cherry or basketballs Craig Sager, the flashy neckwear is a hit among MLS enthusiasts, to be sure.

Here's what Rongen told us:  "So tell us, what's the deal with your red bow tie?"
Rongen:  "I'm bleeding the Black-and-Red.  In all seriousness, color is so important to soccer.  It symbolizes the passion of the game and best shows support of a team.  In my native Holland, the orange says it all.  With my bow tie, I'm making a statement of my support for this club. The real reason for the bow tie, though, is my inability to tie a tie proper.  You'd think that, at my age, I could create a reasonable knot.  Since I can't, a clip-on bow tie has proven to be very handy."  "How does the wife feel about it?"
Rongen:  "She thinks it's crap.  She watched the game in high definition, though, on Saturday night and saw it in a new light.  It seems that the tie takes the focus away from my face."  "Have you received any feedback from members of your U-20 team?"
Rongen:  "Not really.  (former United midfielder) Bryan Arguez texted me recently after seeing me on tv.  He said that I looked like the 'Dean of Coaches.'
I'll probably break the tie out, though, during one of our upcoming trips. I'm sure it won't go over well." "Any chance we'll see the tie outside of game days?"
Rongen:  "Absolutely not!"
That does it for "What's the deal..." If you have any burning questions you'd like the crack staff at to investigate, drop them in the comments below.