Training update


Today's training session included a scrimmage between the appropriately named Red Team and Yellow Team. The 50-minute match ended in a 0-0 draw and this is how they lined up:

Team Red: Zach Wells; Bryan Namoff, Gonzalo Peralta, Gonzalo Martinez; Santino Quaranta, Dan Stratford, Clyde Simms, Marcelo Gallardo, Fred; Luciano Emilio, Jaime Moreno. 

Team Yellow: Jose Carvallo; Jeremy Barlow, Jeff Curtin, Pat Carroll, Marc Burch; Quavas Kirk, Dane Murphy, Rod Dyachenko, Ryan Cordeiro; Franco Niell, Francis Doe. 

Devon McTavish did not participate in full training and only biked on the sideline. I've added a few photos from today's session to Video & Pics. Hooray! 

The team will train tomorrow in-stadium in advance of Saturday's game with Real Salt Lake. A crowd well over 20,000 is expected, so get your tickets now. Right now