'We're talking about practice'

Under clear blue skies, United trained this morning in advance of their match this Saturday against Real Salt Lake.  A big crowd is expected for the match.  You should get your tickets! More about that later, though.  For now, with a nod to one-time District resident Allen Iverson, 'We're talking about practice.' 

During a typical week-long work week, Wednesday's are the most grueling days.  Under the instruction of Tommy Soehn, today was exactly that.  The boys, including Gonzalo Peralta, worked for nearly two hours, covering all aspects of their game followed by a conditioning circuit. 

The highlight of the day was a spectacular mid-air collision between onrushing forward Franco Niell and goalkeeper Zach Wells that left the latter on the ground gasping for air.  After regaining his composure, Wells quipped:  "When I lift my shirt later, there's definitely going to be an imprint of a gnome on my chest."

Enjoy the sunshine.