Gordon Bradley

Long-time United fans will remember Gordon Bradley's work as a color analyst for games on Home Team Sports (now Comcast SportsNet).  After a lengthy period in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, Gordon was admitted to Prince William Hospital on March 10, spending six days there due to complications with his ongoing battle with this disease.  He has since been moved to a full care facility in Manassas which has a specialized Alzheimer’s wing and is now under hospice care.  As you may know, this is a difficult and painful journey for all involved.

I e-mailed with Gordon's son Paul recently, who shared some insight into Gordon's struggles.  He writes: "Unless someone has first hand knowledge of this disease, they will be hard pressed to cope with the cruelty and ugliness of how this has devastated Gordon."  Paul and Gordon's wife, Vera, often sit with Gordon and tell him stories from the past and would love any notes or stories that United fans may want to share with Gordon.  For those that would like to send a note, please forward to Paul at who may want to visit Gordon in person should also arrange through Paul.  Those wishing to make charitable contributions in Gordon's name may do so at either or

Our thoughts are with Gordon and his family during this very trying time.