MLS Game #4: DCU 1 - Columbus 2


Last year, the team started 0-3 and then put together the best record in the League, clinching the Supporters' Shield. It's a 30-game schedule and there's a long, long way to go. The team has a nice break now, as it prepares for a rematch with Real Salt Lake - this time at home - a week from Saturday (April  26, 7:30 p.m. ET). 

With that said, the team's reserves will play their first game of the year tomorrow morning on the D.C. United Training Fields (located at the intersection of Oklahoma Ave. NE and C St. NE). Game time is 10 a.m., so if you're looking for an excuse to skip work, here it is. Admission is free and the bleachers are three feet from the field. Bring the kids and a picnic (and a hat for the sun). 

UPDATE: Here are a few post-game quotes... I've also added a few photos that you can access via the Video & Pics section, including a few of Gallardo and Schelotto. 

On the game: I didn’t think we were as sharp as we needed to be.  We talked all week about breaking them down, and making sure that [Guillermo Barros] Schelotto and [Alejandro] Moreno on the counter attacks didn’t hurt us.  We gave them way too much space and they punished us for it.
On losing: We’ve been through a tough stretch, I feel like this is déjà vu from last year.  We’ve got a long week coming up and we’re going to work real hard to make sure we are where we need to be, because we’re not there yet.
On the Crew in the second half: You know they’re going to pack it in and protect their lead, and it’s going to be hard to break it down.  We need to finish our chances when we had them, because we had plenty of opportunities to score and open them up. 
On Luciano Emilio: We injected as many offensive-minded guys as we could.  When you’re chasing a goal that’s what you need to do, and it’s unfortunate –  he got himself in good spots again, but he didn’t finish.
On scoring opportunities: We found openings, we just didn’t finish our chances, and that seems to be the sage of the last few games.
On the busy schedule: We need to rest and then this week work really hard to make sure we’re clinical in the areas we need to be clinical in.
On the backline: It should have been better than it was.  They punished us for it, and we didn’t do a good job.
On the game: We tried to win the game, we don’t have to give excuses but we have a lot to say, the team wanted it but couldn’t get it. This is something we are trying to overcome together and we are going to try to do our best next game.
On not scoring: I’m not desperate, but obviously I want to score some goals and when that doesn’t happen we are left wanting it because that is our job.
On the team’s mindset: There is no frustration here, we know the potential we have. We’ve lost two games in a row but we know we can go on. We don’t have to get frustrated or cry over it. Next game we must look for the result we want.
On the development of the game: In the first half we played well, we tried to get good touches, go in on the wings, not get desperate. Unfortunately, we found ourselves with a goal against us. From there we played well until we tied but we made a mistake at the end of the first half and they got another score. In the second half we tried but they defended well and we couldn’t score. 
On what United lacks: We need to get a couple of wins so we can gain confidence, not get desperate, try not to make mistakes because those always end up costing us the game. This needs to be our mentality, not give up, have confidence because we have a competitive team and we’re just starting, unfortunately not how we wanted to. 
On playing against Schelotto: It hurts more to lose a game at home than to lose a dinner [previous bet]. Of the four games, we’ve lost three – not what we had hoped. We all wanted to get a good result but we don’t have to get desperate, we have to work to correct our mistakes.
On the team’s morale: We’re disappointed because we were hoping for something else. But we have to keep working and look ahead, that’s all. We’re optimistic. You feel bad because things don’t go your way but that’s how life is, you keep moving forward.
On the own goal: I wanted to clear the ball because it was on the line and I don’t know if I touched it inside or out. I don’t know, I think I got it on the line. I wanted to clear it but I didn’t make it.
On the lack of results: Game after game you have to deliver, even more a team as big as this. We’re not getting results. The problems are evident; today we had many scoring opportunities. Then they came and scored goals, so on defense we weren’t very good either. It’s a team problem so we have to work together – defense, forwards, goalkeeper, midfielders – to get better.