Or the Kansas University Jayhawks


So... our method for determining the 2008 National Champ wasn't foolproof. Darn it. As it turns out, it was the South Americans (and Tom Soehn) who most accurately predicted last night's game:

Actual Score: KU 75 - MU 68
Jose Carvallo (Peru):
KU 75 - MU 69 (1 point off)
Jaime Moreno (Bolivia):
KU 72 - MU 68 (3 points off)
Gonzalo Martinez (Colombia):
KU 74 - MU 65 (4 points off)
Tommy Soehn (Germany/Chicago):
KU 77 - MU 70 (4 points off)
As commenter TCompton so perfectly writes:
"Clearly, our South American friends are sending the message that the team that is favored doesn't always win, and that sometimes overtime is needed to finish off a worthy adversary. I've learned my lesson and am looking forward to Wednesday's match against Pachuca."