Arrival in Mexico


¡Hola mis amigos!  

We made it. After more than eight hours of travel time, we're in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. Despite the long travel today, it could have been longer - the team had a bit of a treat, as El Presidente, Kevin Payne and the owners approved a charter flight from Kansas City to Mexico. The move saved several hours of travel and allowed us to skip two layovers. Muy bueno. 

It's very warm here. 

The team will train this evening before getting a full night's rest in preparation for tomorrow night's game. Of note, no changes were made to the 19-man roster that departed for Kansas City on Friday. If you're not keeping track that includes the following: Zach Wells, Jose Carvallo, Bryan Namoff, Gonzalo Martinez, Gonzalo Peralta, Pat Carroll, Marc Burch, Quavas Kirk, Devon McTavish, Clyde Simms, Daniel Stratford, Marcelo Gallardo, Rodion Dyachenko, Fred, Domenic Mediate, Jaime Moreno, Franco Niell, Luciano Emilio, Santino Quaranta. 

I've added some photos from the travel day, so check out the Video & Pics section. 

Also, a bunch of the guys took in the movie "21" last night. In the Sheldon household, after every movie a 1-10 rating is given. I asked a few of the guys for their marks following the flick. Here they are - Marc Burch: 7; Quavas Kirk: 7; Zach Wells: 6.5 (he also said, "you have to understand what kind of movie it is and what to expect." Clyde Simms: 7.5; Daniel Stratford: 8; Domenic Mediate: 7; Rod Dyachenko: 7. 

For the record, I gave it a 2. On the other hand, I watched Gone Baby Gone on the plane today - strong 9 out of 10 (Mr. Simms loved it, too). If you've seen either movie, share your rating below. 

I'll check back in later with some photos from training. Big day tomorrow.