The best blog in the history of the world


Welcome to Behind the Badge, the official blog of D.C. United. If you found us, you probably like one of two things: 1) D.C. United or 2) blogs. If you like both, you’re in for a treat.

If you’re an expert of the world wide interwebs like I am, you probably know how this works. So, we likely don’t need to tell you that we’ll be providing ridiculous access to the players, coaches and front office of the most successful soccer team this country has ever seen. Allow us to share, however, that what you see here is only the beginning – we’ve got a ton of great features launching over the next few weeks, so keep checking back. You’ll hear primarily from members of the four-time reigning PR department of the year, but from time-to-time, our players, coaches and higher-ups will check in with their thoughts.

By the way, we’re proving said ridiculous access in both English and Spanish, so be sure to tell your amigos y amigas. Click here for the Spanish Version.

Do you have comments, questions, thoughts or lineup suggestions? Send me a note anytime: We’ll be sure to pass along your idea to the coaches that the team should run out a 5-2-3 formation in its next game, with Luciano Emilio as a third center back and Jose Carvallo as target forward.