First one:
We flew up to Providence, RI for the 1999 MLS Cup Final at Foxboro. Upon return to the airport that night after beating the LA Galaxy (again), about 30 to 40 D.C. United supporters were all waiting for the same flight back to Baltimore and we started chanting "D.C. U-ni-ted!!....D.C. U-ni-ted!!" at the boarding area, much to the concern and/or amusement of other passengers making their way through the airport.

Second one: My son and I sit in the Mezzanine level overlooking the goal on the west side of the stadium. When the 2004 Conference play-off game went to kicks-from-the-mark, we had the best seats in the house. When Nick Rimando went to his left and made the save to win the game, he turned around over his left shoulder in celebration and looked straight up right at us, making eye contact with us or so it seemed. We will never forget that moment we shared with Nick.