1996 mls cup eddie pope golden goal slide

My daughter, Amy, and I traveled on a bus with a group of D.C. United supporters in a down pour to the first MLS Cup. We arrived a day early and spent the night in a hotel in Connecticut. Early the next morning, we left for Foxboro Stadium – only to arrive several hours prior to the stadium opening. Thousands of us stood outside during nor'easter weather conditions until we were finally allowed inside. We were all drenched and sitting with people from all over the country in that cold, concrete stadium.

The atmosphere was exciting throughout the game but the last 17 minutes will always be remembered as one of the most fun times in my life. D.C. United coming from behind two nil and scoring two (very) late goals. Overtime only lasted a few moments before Eddie Pope’s fantastic header off an even more fantastic corner kick from Marco Etcheverry! Unfortunately, all photos didn’t make it out of my water-logged camera. I’ve been to several MLS Cups but this is an incredible experience I will treasure always!