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MLS Decision on Allegations of Racist Comments in DC United vs Inter Miami match

Major League Soccer Statement

NEW YORK (October 31, 2022) - Major League Soccer has concluded its investigation into an allegation that D.C. United player Taxi Fountas used racially abusive language toward an Inter Miami CF player during the teams’ match on September 18.  

MLS found that the allegation, made by Inter Miami CF defender Aimé Mabika, was credible. While the league investigation could not independently verify the allegation, MLS did not find credible Fountas’ claim, made during interviews conducted as part of this investigation, that he said nothing in that moment -- discriminatory or otherwise. Video of the incident clearly shows Mabika suddenly reacting to something he believed he heard from Fountas. MLS was unable to confirm independently, through additional eyewitness accounts, video footage or audio recordings, what Fountas said in that moment, as has been the league’s long-standing practice in determining player discipline for these types of allegations. 

MLS plans to examine its policies and practices as they relate to allegations of abusive and discriminatory language and is committed to working with all of the stakeholders during this off-season. 

During this investigation, Fountas voluntarily remained separated from D.C. United and did not participate in two MLS matches on October 1 and October 9. Fountas is eligible to play for D.C. United during the 2023 season.

All MLS players and other employees are required to undergo regular discrimination and anti-harassment training as part of the league’s ongoing efforts to create a welcoming and safe workplace for everyone. 

D.C. United Statement

WASHINGTON (October 31, 2022) – D.C. United fully supported and actively participated in the thorough investigation led by Major League Soccer following the claim that Taxi Fountas used racially abusive language toward an Inter Miami CF player during the teams’ match on September 18. 

The club appreciate and accept the findings of the league’s investigation, as well as the conclusion that the act in question could not be confirmed following several interviews that took place with individuals involved and nearby the incident, including those closest to the situation, as well as through an in-depth review of audio and video from multiple broadcast angles. Additionally, the club would like to acknowledge Taxi Fountas’ cooperation throughout the investigation. 

D.C. United are committed to continuing to do the work needed to uphold one of our club's core values that racism has no home in our sport and we must be proactive in our efforts to create a place where all feel welcome and respected.