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Sections 136 & 137 (aka “The Chico Stand”) are notorious for raising the volume by a few decibels at Audi Field.

The drums are known to follow the rhythm of the game. The songs and cheers, so persistent you wonder if they ever stop to take a breath.

But to the right of them, there’s a group of kids at every D.C. United match giving them a run for their money. Those voices have been known to carry down to the pitch—from one end to the other. If the Chico Stand is the heartbeat of the club, Section 138 is its youthful spirit.

When Audi Field opened its doors in 2018, the Screaming Eagles—one of those groups you spot behind the north end goal at every match—recognized the need for a movement. That movement was less about preserving tradition, though they have played an integral role in carrying the mantle from RFK to Audi Field, but more about establishing a new one.

For that opening match, they ushered in 1,000 DC SCORES poet-athletes from 50+ DC schools (mostly BIPOC and Latinx children), giving many of them their first taste of a professional soccer match and providing the framework for the Junior Supporters Program. This season, over 2,500 DC SCORES poet-athletes, coaches, staff and family members have been able to attend D.C. United matches thanks to the club and its Supporter Groups.

Generational fandom is something D.C. United and only a handful of clubs in Major League Soccer can boast about as one of the original 10. Still, relative to the rest of the world, the club and its fanbase are still in its adolescence.

In collaboration with DC SCORES and the standard-bearers in Sections 136 & 137, D.C. United is defining what “growth” and “inclusion” really look like in our community and our sport. The experience of a D.C. United match lasts far beyond 90 minutes for our Junior Supporters. The sense of community, inspiration, and motivation is a feeling that will last a lifetime.


  • Supporter: $2,000 - Provide (20) DC SCORES families with tickets to a D.C. United match
  • First Team: $4,000 - Provide (40) DC SCORES families with tickets to a D.C. United match
  • MVP: $8,000 - Provide (80) DC SCORES families with tickets to a D.C. United match

By teaming up with D.C. United and the D.C. United Junior Supporters Program, you can play a major role in shaping the legacy of the club and the next generation of poet-athletes. Join the movement at dcunited.com/community/junior-supporter.

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