Bill Hamid vs New York - 2014 playoffs first leg

With the second leg of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls this Satuday, here is a look at the possible scenarioes in which the new "Away Goals Rule" could come into play.
The MLS Cup Conference Semifinals and Finals are determined by aggregate scoring. This means the winner is determined by the combined score of Leg 1 and Leg 2. So, if D.C. United wins 3-0 on Saturday, United will have 3 goals and the New York Red Bulls will have 2. Therefore, United wins.

The away goals rule is relevant when the two teams are tied on aggregate scoring. So, if the score on Saturday is United 3, Red Bulls 1, both teams would have 3 goals at the end of the series. Since the first tiebreaker is the away goals rule, New York would advance.

If the final score is 4-1 D.C. United, the aggregate score is 4-3 in favor of DCU. So, the away goals rule wouldn’t apply, and United would advance.

If the Black-and-Red wins 2-0 on Saturday, the aggregate score would be tied 2-2 with zero away goals tallied. In this case, the teams would head into two-15 minute extra time periods and penalty kicks if necessary. The away goals rule doesn't apply in overtime.

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