Supporters Clubs

Screaming Eagles

Sections 132, 133 & 134: The Screaming Eagles have provided passionate support for United and have promoted Major League Soccer through their contributions in the community since the club's inception in 1995. The Screaming Eagles have more than 1100 active members and represent a wide variety of ages and nationalities. The most ardent supporters gather in "The Nest" in Sections 132, 133 and 134 at RFK Stadium. The Screaming Eagles work to keep the spirits of the team and other soccer fans high, regardless of the score. The Screaming Eagles have supported United at home and on the road and have become one of the most recognizable supporters clubs in MLS. Join or learn more at: 

Barra Brava

Sections 135, 136 & 137: Known for 90 minutes of nonstop jumping, singing, chanting and flag-waving, La Barra Brava have created a unique fusion of South American fan support and the 20+ nationalities passionately represented in the growing membership of more than 1500. La Barra Brava pioneered the use of TIFO (choreographed stadium displays) in the U.S. and it continues to lead the proud supporters of D.C. United, the best team in MLS! Member benefits include discounted tickets, FREE food and libations for themselves and guests at the famous 3-hour Barra Brava tailgate, a welcome place in the Barra family, a custom-made Barra jersey, and most importantly, a guaranteed, uplifting experience as you contribute to the unparalleled, passion-filled exuberance that is La Barra Brava in action at RFK. Join or learn more at:  or just stop by the tailgate located at the back of Lot 8 by the 395 entrance -- we are kind of hard to miss.

District Ultras

Section 127: District Ultras' mission is twofold. First, District Ultras support D.C. United for 90+ minutes, day or night, rain or shine, with non-stop songs and chants, flags, and tifo. Secondly, District Ultras is a non-profit organization committed to giving back to the community. We are active in promotions and drives for local charities, as well as support for team-led endeavors. Join or learn more at: