The Marble Jersey | 2021 Away Jersey

Forged under intense heat and pressure, this city, DC, Chocolate City, The District, is self made. This is our city. This is our story.

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The pattern of the 2021 Away jersey, which will be worn by our first team has been inspired by the marble found in the design of the Lincoln Memorial and monuments across downtown Washington, D.C.

The symbolism and many qualities of marble – like stability, strength, and the fact that no slab of marble is the same – are synonymous with our club, our supporters, and us, American people. Just as marble is created by heat and pressure, the combative fire and the burning desire to win have made us who we are, the first Major League Soccer dynasty, rich with a legacy unlike any other in this league.

We are proud to dawn the marble color found in its truest form in our city through the historic embodiment of figures like Abraham Lincoln, who were integral in shaping our nation as a place of equality and equal opportunity.

We are proud to play in the nation’s capital. We are proud to be Washington, D.C.’s team. We are proud to be D.C. United.