IMAGE: last call poster

Kemp breaks down the #LastCallatRFK art

On Thursday morning, United defender Taylor Kemp got his hands on the commemorative Last Call at RFK artwork, and legendary artistic analysis subsequently unfolded on the Twittersphere. Kemp broke down the poster in impressive detail, highlighting what he loves about some of the featured people in 140 characters or less. Here are some of Kemp's most golden thoughts. 

First up: long-time United defender Bobby Boswell. Notice the GUTS trophy, which he won on the Nickelodeon show as a kid. 

Taylor then spots Nick DeLeon, who may not look like the buzz-cut DeLeon we know and love today, but brings back fond memories of the 2016 mane. 

While we don't have as much Dragon Ball Z knowledge as Kemp, we appreciate the throwback reference. Ian Harkes and John Harkes, Ian's dad and former Black-and-Red star, are the only family duo on the poster. Ian grew up around United and RFK as his dad led D.C. from 1996 through 1998.

Kemp had love for his captain, Steve Birnbaum, while Birnbaum had love for his muscle definition.


When it comes to Luciano Acosta, Kemp says it best. Such silky feet.

Tony Quinn has been photographing from RFK's sidelines for more than 40 years, capturing United matches, national team matches, and so much more. See some of Quinn's top shots from the stadium.

Andy Najar is hanging with Jeff Agoos and Eddie Pope, as Pope grills out for the legends' tailgate. 

Zlatan Ibrahimović makes the poster as one of the biggest international soccer names to have played at RFK Stadium. The Swedish forward debuted for Paris Saint-Germain at RFK on July 28, 2012, facing the Black-and-Red in a friendly. Less than three minutes after his debut, Zlatan scored for PSG. United ended up drawing PSG 1-1. 

Of course Talon had to be included in the artwork, and not just modern Talon—the beloved mascot's older versions, Talon 1.0, Talon 2.0, and Talon 3.0, were featured as well. 

Steve Goff and Dave Johnson, the Washington Post's soccer reporter and the voice of D.C. United, are pictured in their normal states—notepad in hand ready to write, and headset on in preparation of broadcast time. 

Ronnie the raccoon escaped the confines of his RFK home to photobomb.

Pope Francis is reppin' a United jersey in honor of his 2015 gift from the Black-and-Red. United staff members made the customized jersey, then delivered it to a supporter with connections to the Kennedy family. The supporter entrusted the jersey to his daughter, who was attending the Pope's visit to the White House. While the plan was to hand the jersey off to Ethel Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy's widow who had VIP access to the White House for the visit, the general chaos of the event prevented the handoff from going as planned. Instead, the daughter gave the customized #10 "Pope Francis" jersey to a papal aide, who assured her he would pass it along to the Pope.

Head coach Ben Olsen appears as half-player, half-coach, with his former coach Bruce Arena in his playing ear and general manager and VP of soccer operations Dave Kasper in his coaching ear. 

David Beckham made his Major League Soccer debut at RFK, subbing in for the LA Galaxy in the 72nd minute as 46,686 fans packed the stadium to catch a glimpse of the English star. Beckham's entrance wasn't enough to boost the Galaxy, though, as United ended the night with a 1-0 victory.

Kemp then goes for the emotional dagger, conjuring up some misty eyes as he mic drops with the reason he loves RFK. For the final time, catch the Black-and-Red at 2400 East Capitol St. when they take on the New York Red Bulls Sunday at 4 p.m.