Aguilar 3.7

Q&A: Miguel Aguilar on Debut with D.C. United

D.C. United rookie Miguel Aguilar’s debut MLS appearance wasn’t a long one – just 13 minutes off the bench in the Black-and-Red’s 1-0 shutout of the Montreal Impact. But in one stunning sequence, Aguilar gave a hint of just what he’ll bring to the team and immediately endeared himself to the RFK Stadium faithful.

DCU: You now have a MLS game under your belt, how was the experience on Saturday?

MA: It’s a little bit of everything; a little nervous, but also exciting. Once you step on the field you forget about everything, you just play. It’s the same game whether its college or the pros. It’s soccer.

DCU: That was an amazing moment in second half extra time when you held off nearly a half dozen challenges by Montreal players. Could you hear the fans cheering for you?

MA: (laughs) Yeah, I could hear them. I could hear the fans and crowd cheer so I guess they liked what I did. It feels nice to get that welcoming on the first game.

DCU: How’s adjusting to life as a professional athlete?

MA: It’s a big jump, but I’m really liking it. Everything is a little different, especially the free time. It’s what I love to do, but now it’s also my job, so it’s the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about playing and then going to class and studying so it’s different.

DCU: What have you been doing with that free time?

MA: A lot of sightseeing lately. We haven’t spent a ton of time in the city, but now that we are back from preseason I have been to a couple of the museums and seen the monuments. Especially with the warmer weather now, I have been loving it.

DCU: How’s the living situation?

MA: We found a place, and we move in on Friday.

DCU: Who are you moving in with?

MA: It will be me, Luke Mishu and Travis Worra. It’s in the same building as Luis Silva. It’s a nice load off because we don’t have to worry about that anymore. It’s a nice place and we all liked it and agreed upon it. Silva is right there which is helpful because we all get along.

DCU: Now that you are getting settled off the field, what are the big goals on the field in the next couple weeks?

MA: To provide depth for the team, and come in and contribute. Whatever minutes I get, I want to go out and leave it on the field.  I can take on guys and create opportunities for the team and also get back and defend.

DCU: What’s your favorite non-soccer thing that you have done in D.C.?

MA: I just went to the Museum of Natural History so that’s my favorite so far. Next up is the Holocaust Museum which I might actually do today. I just love walking around the mall. I’ve tried to get in to the Washington Monument but it’s a pretty big line. The one time I tried they had tickets sold out for the next week.