Post-Match Quotes: August 17, 2014

D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen:

On the game overall and the burst in the second half

The second, half we didn’t start out great, and give them credit, the kid scored a really good goal. But I think our response was fantastic. It was one of the better responses I have seen out of our team this year. We took it to another gear, and I think from that point on we took the game over. We had plenty of chances and played some really good soccer.
On Taylor Kemp’s performance

I’m extremely happy for him. It’s just a matter of him believing in the tools that he has, because they’re there. Tonight was a big step for him.
On his second assist to Chris Rolfe

I didn’t see Rolfe so I was about to ask him why the hell he would cross the ball to nobody, then there Rolfe was. It was a hell of a pass and it capped off a good night for him.
On how it feels to have Fabian Espindola back

It’s unbelievable to have him back. He’s just relentless. I’m just glad he’s on our team. Playing that nine role on the field, he’s not always the biggest and strongest, but he’s an absolute handful. He just wills himself to succeed. It was a pretty impressive performance. Overall it was a great night for him.
On David Estrada’s performance

There’s no better way to get in and gel than by coming on and helping out teammates. It will help his relationship and getting incorporated with the team.
On how important a win tonight was for the team

It was extremely important to win this game. All our home games from here on out are crucial, and we have put ourselves in a good spot. If we continue to take care of winning at home we will be in good shape. Saying that, we would like to go on the road and pick up some points. It’s not going to be easy; there is a lot of travel and tough opponents. But again, as we get bodies back I’m hopeful we can go on the road and get some points.
On the relationship between Luis Silva and Fabian Espindola

I think sometimes, when you are tight with someone off the field, I think that translates on the field. I think they have a good relationship in the locker room and outside the game. I think they just have an understanding. It hasn’t been practiced a lot. Even in training there has not been a lot of Luis Silva and Fabian Espindola 11 vs. 11 type lineups. They just understand each other, and it can be a beautiful thing. The two times they have been paired up Silva has five goals, and like I said, sometimes when you like playing with someone it translates on the field.
On how much the club knows about Waterhouse FC for CONCACAF Champions League

We know quite a bit about them. We sent Kurt Morsink down to take a look at them. They just beat a pretty good team from Panama so we understand it’s going to be a tough challenge. We do want to move on and get through to next year, and it starts this Wednesday. How many guys am I going to change? I’m going to change some, that’s for sure. Some guys are going to need to step up and find ways to win games.
D.C. United Forward Luis Silva

On feelings after the win
It feels good. It feels good to get a win. Most importantly, it feels good to get three points.
On how the guys worked together tonight
I think it was good, I mean we have a very unselfish team. You know, we see a player open and we try to play that ball, and I think it showed today. Starting with Taylor Kemp, he sees me open and running behind the defense and he passed me a nice ball. I was able to cut the ball in and it felt good.
On playing with Fabian Espindola
We understand each other pretty well.  If stay high he drops and if he stays high I drop. We share the work defensively and I think that helps a lot.

On his Relationship with Fabian Espindola
I think it’s great. I mean, ever since pre-season we have gotten along really well, on and off the field. And, I think that helps when we’re playing. That chemistry goes onto the field and it stays off of the field, as well.
D.C. United Defender Taylor Kemp
On his second start of the season
I got to start two weeks ago, so, you know, I kind of got some of the anxiety and jitters out there. So, I felt more comfortable in this game. I knew the whole week that I was going to start, so that kind of helps mentally. I knew what I need to do for the weekend, so that was good. I felt comfortable; I thought we started the game really well. We were pressing hard and winning a lot of second balls, and then getting the early goal helped. And then, you know, you can kind of take a breath and really settle in.
On finding Luis Silva with an assist
I mean, we knew the game plan going in. We wanted to jump on them. We wanted to press them; we didn’t want to give them time in the midfield. I saw the ball coming into Nick LaBrocca and he had his back to me, so I figured he probably didn’t see me coming. He took a touch, opened up, and I clipped it off of him and Silva made a good run.  I put him through and he had a good finish.  

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni

On the overall match

We were good for about 12 to 13 minutes and we give up a soft goal. Bad giveaway, bad defending, but to be fair it was a good finish, and now we are chasing the game again. This is a position we have found ourselves in the last couple games. We find a way back in to the game and then a calamity of errors in the back, all through the midfield and up front. Defensively we were just not sharp and at this level, and with the kind of players these guys have, they punched us tonight.
On the defensive mishaps being due to injuries to the back line

Listen, we have a team here. The guys that are in there are in there because they can play. I’m making no excuses for the guys on the field and I don’t expect them to make any excuses. I expect them to go in and figure out what you need individually to show up on Saturday and make a difference. At this moment I think confidence is low. Especially when you are conceding the way we are, you begin to anticipate that and I think lack of confidence is an issue. The only way in life to find that is to sit with yourself and be quiet. You can’t instill that in people, that comes from within. Like I said, we found our way in to this and it’s about character to find our way out.
On what he looks for with a quick turnaround and a game on Wednesday

Really, just a renewed mindset. A fresh lets go out and get it and play the game the right way. A sense of urgency to get on the scoreboard first and to play the game the right way. Defend the right way, understand what situation is dangerous, which isn’t, reactions, all the little things that helped us to get some results early in the year we need that back. It has nothing to do with tactics and technique, it has to do with a spirit and going out there and accomplishing something. Again that comes from within, and we have a quick turnaround so that’s what we anticipate for Wednesday.
Colorado Rapids defender Jared Watts

On coming in after an early goal and Moore getting taken off

It’s unfortunate to see our captain go out with an injury. I just wanted to go in and play to the best of my ability. I  played a little center back in college and I wanted to do simple things like win 50-50 balls, and communicate, organize and try to get things locked up in the back. Unfortunately a couple of mistakes made it difficult on ourselves and we weren’t good enough back there tonight and we let a couple in.
On Dillon Serena’s goal

It was just a fantastic goal by him. For me it was just a 50-50 ball, I went in to win the header, luckily it went behind their defense and he looked up and scored an unreal goal and got us back in the game. Unfortunately we couldn’t hold on to it and we kind of let that one slip. It’s tough.
On the quick turnaround for Wednesday’s game

It’s tough. We are in a tough spot not getting point in four games. I think we just got to find it inside and make a mentality for us. We’re giving up to many goals and not giving ourselves a chance. If we’re going give ourselves a chance we can’t give up simple goals and make bad mistakes. It starts in the back. We have to clean it up, we know. Especially a midweek game against LA Galaxy; it’s going to be tough. We need to find a way any way we can.