Exclusive First Interview: David Estrada

Welcome, how do you like it so far?
David Estrada: Love it. Everyone has been so welcoming since I went to Salt Lake. The guys have been great. Ben Olsen has been great to be around and so positive, which is something that I sometimes need as a player. It was very welcoming more than anything.

Does having people like Alex Caskey and guys you have played with at Seattle help?
DE: Yeah, absolutely. Having guys that you've played with and guys that you’ve looked to kind of emulated like [Fabián] Espíndola, he’s a player that I've looked up to. Having Caskey around helps me get acclimated to the new city. Eddie [Johnson] as well, someone I am familiar with, and Jeff Parke. Those guys are good to have, and I’ve seen [Luis] Silva around too, so all those guys are good to have.

How did you feel stepping onto the field at Salt Lake?
DE: Despite the result, I was overjoyed. I was very happy to see some MLS minutes. I was very happy. I was waiting for an opportunity. I'm so thankful that Ben Olsen brought me and put me right on the field; as a player that’s what you want. You want a coach who is going to believe in you. I am ecstatic about being here. Hopefully I can contribute anyway I can, whether it be off the bench, whether it be CONCACAF games, it doesn’t matter to me, I just want an opportunity to play, and I’m very happy to be here.

Were you nervous about moving to the East Coast?
DE: It really hasn’t hit me yet. I went to sleep at like 2,3 in the morning, so I was fine for training. I need a few more days to just get used to it. It hasn’t hit me yet to be honest.

Are you looking to live in Arlington or DC?
DE: Probably Arlington. I am geographically challenged. I don’t even know where I’m at. But I hear DC’s a great city, and Im excited to visit the monuments. Usually when we’d travel, we didn’t do that stuff. I’ll have some family visit. A lot of my family have never come to the east coast, they stay along the west coast. They'd come watch in Oregon and LA, but it will be awesome for them to see the nation’s capitiol.

For the fans who maybe haven’t seen you play, how would you describe yourself as a player?
DE: I’m a player who likes to work hard; I like to get my hands dirty. I like to do the dity work. Like any forward or attacking player, I like to score goals, but I don’t have to have the spot light. If I can have assists, I'd be more than happy. I will work hard for the guys around me, and I just want to be a positive influence on and off the field.