Post-Match Quotes: July 5, 2014

D.C. United Head Coach Ben Olsen

What was the difference in this match than the loss to Seattle, not as many chances but finished on the ones you had tonight?

Yeah we played much better against Seattle, ironically, sometimes that is how it goes. I thought their game plan was good in the first half, we had some heavy legs and I thought they wanted to defend and counter which worked very well for them. We were poor with the ball and played right into it, second half we changed our mentality a bit and made it into a little bit more of a fight and changed the game that way. Then we held on down the stretch, they’re a good team with some real impact players up top. Moore and Defoe between the two of them are a real handful, I thought our guys did well. It wasn’t our best night but this team has real metal, real character, and that sees us through games.

When you talk about the changes in the second half you guys were having more space on the counter and able to move the ball up field?

They changed formation a little bit as well, they went to a 4-4-2, now Oduro is out there stretching the field so there was a little more space to play. I think that helped us, but it also made them a very dangerous team with their front four. It got a little crazy there down the stretch and we hung in there.

Has anything changed in your mind since the last time you played Toronto?

The field looks better! Besides that, they are obviously going to be a very good team with the pieces they have, time is on their side with the games in hand. We have continued to grow we have lost a few players and have some starters out with Espindola, Park, we have lost a left back so we are still evolving to see who we are going to be this year. In the meantime we need to get points and it’s not an easy place to come so we are extremely happy.

D.C. United Midfielder Perry Kitchen

Not the prettiest game in D.C. United’s mind, but you will take the three points any day?

Absolutely, it was a tough match and not our best performance but like you said we came for points and that is all that matters.

What was the difference tonight, you guys probably played better against Seattle, but you guys were able to hold off Toronto’s attack?

We definitely showed a better performance against Seattle possession wise, but tonight we found a way to put away our chances and that is always the difference.

Do you see much difference in your team since the last time you guys played Toronto? Or have you guys changed much since then?

Teams evolve as the season goes on, you learn more about yourselves, and obviously we are on the up so we have to keep going.

D.C. United Midfielder Nick DeLeon

Very well taken goal Nick, can you take us through that moment?

To be honest I can’t remember much, I remember coming forward and taking a peek up and putting it in the corner.

Tough first half, coach changed the tactics in the second half, how do you feel that worked out for your club?

Toronto changed to a 4-4-2 and it really left the middle open for our midfield as we were playing with five in the middle. First half it was a little clogged and we couldn’t get a rhythm going, second half was a better game and much more open with both teams getting chances, we were just fortunate enough to put two away.

How does this visit to Toronto compare to your teams last visit here? What has changed?

Well, a win first of all! The resilliance of the team coming back from a draw 1-1, getting the second and holding on for a win. A  couple big saves from Bill at the end and our mentality was a little different this time.