Cristian training 4-8
Pablo Maurer

Training Notes: April 15, 2014

On a wet, rainy Tuesday morning, D.C. United took the field to start preparing for its upcoming away game against the Columbus Crew. Although it started like most normal practices, this training session quickly turned to one of the most competitive and physical of the year. Starting with the usual oooohhhh’s and aaaahhh’s (players getting megged) of 5 vs. 2, the Black-and-Red transitioned in to some of the players’ favorite game of 7 vs. 7 vs. 7 possession. This one is a little tricky to explain without seeing it, but the premise of the game is to get 7 passes in your grid and knock it into another team’s grid for points, without getting the ball stolen. This game began with some questionable calls, which of course led to some player complaints and ended with bragging rights for a select few.

Once the goalies finished warming up with goalkeeping coach Preston Burpo, they moved in to some short sided games to goal. Once again, there were three teams, with the odd group out doing ball work on the side. The blue team saw Perry Kitchen and Michael Seaton score multiple goals to take the first two games, but it wasn’t without some close chances from the opposing teams. Kyle Porter hit the post on a shot from 20 yards out in the first game, and Conor Doyle had several shots on target, but couldn’t beat the keeper. The team will train for the rest of the week before taking off for Columbus Friday afternoon to take on the Crew on Saturday, April 19 at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Orthopaedic Center.