Enzo Concina

Get to know Enzo Concina

What were your first impressions of D.C. United?
Enzo Concina: It was very positive. There are some limits here, but all the guys are great. I was taken in very well. I was happy with all the guys. It’s a team inside the team. There is a lot of teamwork around the team. It’s a very positive place. People are doing multiple things; I admire that. They’re doing things that they’re not supposed to, but they’re doing it with their heart.

What was your first impression of DC?
EC: I’m getting to know it a little bit at a time. It’s a big city. It’s an important city; it’s got history. I got an apartment downtown, I want to enjoy the very little time we have off. It’s a long and grueling season, so I want to check it out and explore it in the best way I can.

What is your coaching philosophy?
EC: My coaching philosophy is work, work, work and practices are sacred. That’s where it all starts. That’s where the team’s backbone is created, there on the practice field. I know it's going be a long season and practices are going to be hard to come by, but my philosophy is that when it does come around, you have to do your best; you have to practice hard. My other philosophy is that the secret is in the details.

You played at Montreal before it was an MLS franchise, how have you seen soccer grow in America and Canada since then?
EC: I was there in ’94—a long time ago. It’s grown, of course. A lot has grown and a lot of it has remained the same. I noticed that certain things have expanded and others haven’t. The secret is in the details. If you can shave off a few of those details each year, the league will advance.

What do you miss the most about Italy?
EC: My girlfriend, some particular type of food from my region and my friends. [My girlfriend] works for an oil companyin the Front Office. Relocating is a different story.