Michael Seaton and Colin Martin
Tony Quinn

Q&A: Michael Seaton at Inter Milan

I caught up with 17-year-old, Homegrown forward Michael Seaton while he is training with Inter Milan's Primavera for two weeks before heading to Florida for D.C. United's preseason. 

What excites you about training with Inter's academy?
Michael Seaton: It's a different environment, different players, different atmosphere, different technique. Also, the fact that they have never seen me play before gives me the opportunity to showcase what I know I can do. It is so funny that I practiced Italian with my mom as soon as I found out that I was going to Inter Milan, and I ended up having a French speaking roomie! 

What are you looking to get out of these two weeks?
MS: Additional training. I know in the Serie A, they have a certain flair to their game. I want to learn that. I want to be able to emulate that. Other than learning new playing technique, this will get me fit and ready for pre-season and the season when it starts.

What are you specifically working on there to get ready for D.C. United's preseason and the 2014 season?
MS: I am working on my fitness level. My strength and just getting in core training. You are never to old or young to learn new things or a new playing style that can enhance whatever you are working with now.

How'd the first training sessions go?
MS: It was great! It is nice to be young, jet lag does not affect you! I went from flying straight to training. It was absolutely breathtaking! I played great. I scored two goals and had an assist.

What is the level of competition like so far?
MS: The level is high! They play hard and fast. They are also strong players. This team has a mixture of players, different age groups. I think the ages range from 17-years-old to 20-years-old. I fit right in with the 20-year-old players. I am just as tall and just as fast. My skill level is just as good, but I still need to focus. I still need to train hard, and I still have a long way to go.