Sean For Release

Q&A: Sean Franklin

How are you?
Sean FranklinGood, but you woke me up.

Did I really?
SF:No, I’m just kidding. I’ve been up. What’s up?

You almost had me feeling badly. Alright. So, we’re excited to have you joining the Black-and-Red. What are you most excited about?
SF: What I am most excited about is not the weather, cause it’s freezing. I’m excited to meet the players. It’s always nice to meet new guys. I’m looking forward to the interaction. I’m hoping that the team accepts me and getting back on the pitch.

So on the pitch, what do you think you can bring to D.C. United?
SF: I’m just hoping to get better as a player and help the team anyway I can, whether it’s defensively or the plan is to get into the midfield. I’m planning on just bringing the leadership of being in the League for a while; this will be my 7th season. You know, just stepping up as a leader and helping any way that I can.

Coming from LA, you’ve won two MLS Cups, so how do you plan on helping us get back that winning mentality here?
SF: I just know how hard it is to win it, especially back-to-back. It’s a lot of work. I think this past season for D.C. United was a fluke for them, they have had successful seasons over the years, and I think it will be big year for the team, and I’m excited to be a part of it and hopefully, getting us into the playoffs and everything.

Who are you most excited to play with?
SF: I’d probably say Chris Pontius. I played against him in college. Me being a right defender and him being a left midfielder, we had a lot of games where we went head-to-head, and now playing each other in the League, he’s an even better player. I am looking forward to playing with him.

You were chosen in the Re-Entry Draft along with Bobby Boswell, so what do you think of him coming here too?
SF: It’s good. I didn’t know that he had previously played at D.C. before, but he is a great player, he is a veteran. I’m looking forward to playing with him on the back line. He’s been successful.

What about Eddie Johnson?
SF: Eddie is a great player. We know what Eddie can bring. He’s proven it at Seattle and with the National Team, and to have a striker like him, that is so dangerous in the box, that is gonna add too our attack.

Awesome, we think so too. Thanks so much for taking time to chat.
SF: You’re welcome. Now don’t wake me up again.