Jose Carranza - not action

Q&A: Jose Carranza

What do you enjoy most about going to the U.S. Youth National Team's camp?
I enjoy a lot of things about going. I like interacting with the coaching staff because they are all really knowledgeable and helpful. I also enjoy the style of play for the US National Team because it’s very fluid and fun. Oh, and the fields are REALLY nice and the hot weather in California is a plus.

What’s something interesting or new that you learned while you were out in California at the national team camp?
I learned that taking two touches in the middle of the field is always the right choice. No matter what.

What's the National Team camp environment like?
It’s very professional. They treat you like real professional players and expect you to play and act like them...most of the time. We have our own lockers, they feed us really healthy food and the fields are amazing. A lot of people come out and watch our games when we play.

What’s the hardest part about attending camp?
School. Catching up on schoolwork is always the most difficult part for me. Some of my teachers understand my situation, but sometimes it’s really hard doing schoolwork right when you get back from an exhausting week at camp.

How has D.C. United helped you prepare for the National Team?
D.C. United has helped me a lot because I’m playing two years up with the U-16 team. The intensity is really high and everyone else, including my teammates and opponents, are all bigger than me. They’re more mature so I have to adapt to that.