Q & A with Joshua winner of the #MLSPumpkin Contest

Congratulations to D.C. United fan Joshua who won the 2013 #MLSPumpkin Contest! We are all proud!

How long did that take?
Joshua: I believe I have 7-8 hours on it.

What made you roll with and USOC themed pumpkin?
J: My wife said I should do something different, and asked about the USOC trophy DCU had just won, and said I should use that as the theme.

How excited are you that you won?
J: I could not believe it when the MLS representative contacted me. I had looked at the other entries as they were being posted on twitter. The more I looked, the more anxious I got. I'm just glad that a D.C. United based pumpkin won something else this year!

Is your profession art-based?< That is a pretty awesome Pumpkin and I could never do that!
J: My profession is not art based. This was my first "fancy" pumpkin that I have ever done. It turned out so well my wife asked me to do a minion pumpkin for her. (See Below)

Have people been Tweeting at you?
J: Yes! I am amazed at random people Retweeting me, Tweeting to me, and I even gained a few followers. One in particular is a huge RSL fan, and said it burned him to see the DCU themed USOC pumpkin, as he was at the game. He has, however, been very kind in complementing my entry. I also got compliments from Nick DeLeon and Chris Pontius as well!