Dennis Iapichino
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Q&A with Dennis Iapichino

How does it feel to play your first game on a new team against Montreal, your former team?
Dennis Iapichino: I am just really happy that I found another club. I am happy to join D.C. United. It’s just strange because two weeks ago, I was sitting on the bench and now I sit on another bench in D.C. But, it’s a business. You never know where you are one day to another day—you can change like this. Now I’m with D.C. and I want to just win this game.

How do you think D.C. will match up against the Impact tonight? You were on the field when United beat the Impact 3-1 a few weeks ago. How do you think tonight’s match will go?
DI: I saw D.C. a few weeks ago. It is a good team. And I know that Montreal is a good team too. But now, we have a situation that there are a few problems, they don’t have the confidence like they did. So, we have just to stay compact, together, stay aggressive and try to score the first goal. Then, I would say we would win.

What was the Montreal fans’ reactions like after you were let go?
DI: I think I saw a good reaction, but we will see.

When did you find out you were going to be in the 18-man roster for tonight?
DI: Wednesday, when I spoke to the coach. He asked me and I said yes, I want to play for you; even if it is strange.

Do you expect to play tonight?
DI: I’ll be happy if I play. 90 minutes is long. I haven’t played for 10 days with a team. I trained alone, you know in the gym everyday, so I don’t know how many minutes I will play.