Luis Silva Strike

Q & A with Chris Pontius on new signings

So, what’s Silva like as a player?
Chris Pontius: “He’s a very dynamic player, he’s technically clean. He can produce whether its goals or assists. He is an exciting addition to our team. I think he can link up with our attacking players well. So, we need to get him integrated as soon as possible.”

Did you guys play up top together at UCSB?
CP: “Yeah, he played kind of like an attacking mid role and I was a forward. I was running off of him a lot, and he was looking to find me.”

Cool. Collin has trained with the team before, so how do you think he will fit in?
CP: “Collin is a young, exciting talent. The upside for him is huge. So, to get him in the professional environment early is a good thing. Like I said, the sky is the limit for a kid like him. I think you can see him growing already with us as a team, and hopefully we continue to see that more.”

With all the new signings that just happened, how is the team morale?
CP: “Morale is good. It’s exciting to get new players and get some new faces to training. So, I thought training was good today. The thing is you have to learn how to play with these players as quickly as possible and learn their tendencies and how to play with them. If we can do that as a team, I can see us really starting to take off. We need to obviously start getting results, and hopefully these guys can come in here and push our guys up. I think the competition in practice was good today, and that’s what you want to see; that’s what makes a team better. Hopefully, we can continue with that.”