Exclusive: Thorrington on Rochat

Shortly after the trade was announced, spoke exclusively with midfielder John Thorrington to get his thoughts on former Whitecaps FC teammate, and the newest memeber of the Black-and-Red, Alain Rochat. Here is what Thorrington had to say:

What do you think he brings to D.C. United as a player that the team is missing right now?
John Thorrington: “He’s just a very technically gifted player. I played with him for two seasons in Vancouver. He was a big part of any success we had there. He’s very experienced. I mean, he played in the Champions League against Real Madrid. He has a lot of experience. He’s a very gifted player, both with the ball and defending. I think if the coaches are bringing him here to help the team, then from what I know of Alain, he’ll certainly help us.”

Awesome. What about off the field? What will he bring the table as a teammate?
JT: “He’s just a good family guy. He’s got three kids. He has a really nice wife, he’s a good family guy, and he is very professional. He’ll have a positive impact. And as I said, having played in Europe and now gotten to know the League here, he’ll be an asset in terms of his experience, and there aren’t many guys in the League who have played at the Bernabéu in a Champions League game. I think he brings a lot of experience and he’s a very talented player on the field. I think that experience and professionalism on the field will certainly help.”

Have you spoken to him yet?
JT: “[We spoke] on email. I haven’t really spoken to him yet. I am sure his world is kind of upside down right now… My wife has spoken to his wife.”

What advice would you give him about moving here from Vancouver since you just did it?
JT: “He’s already made the big move. He was in Switzerland for a long time and moved with his family to Vancouver, and I think it was a great experience for his family, for his kids to learn English, for him to experience a different part of the world. I am sure he’d use this as the same thing. It will be a great experience for him, his wife and his kids. Alain’s not the kind of guy that I need to give much advice too. He’s made this big move. He’s really well grounded and he’s got a great support system with his family. Obviously, we’re here to help him and his family in any way he can, but he’ll figure it out and adjust very quickly.”