D.C. United Chicken Wings at Time Out Sports Café in Herndon!

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit Time Out Sports Café in Herndon – and it didn’t disappoint. Time Out is a great place to take in any game, but what makes it that much better is that they have D.C. United specific chicken wings.

The “Black-and-Red” chicken wings were great. The large wings had a nice rub of spices on them and were cooked to perfection. On top of the wings, they had great service and personalized televisions (with sound!) at every booth in the place. Having televisions at every booth make it a great place to watch D.C. United take on the Columbus Crew this weekend with your family, friends, or a large group of supporters.

Another really neat aspect of Time Out Sports Café was the “do it yourself” tap system. This highly technological bar system lets users pour their own beer and you get charged by what you drink. Its actually cheaper to use the system than go through a bar tender – and cooler, so why not!

Folks out in Herndon for the game this weekend should give the wings a try. The picture below doesn’t do them justice.